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Our media training aims to empower our clients and partners on the importance of the engagement with the media.

Our Articles

The importance of crisis communication

Covid-19 is a global health crisis that has highlighted the need for clear and regular communication by all types of organisations, including business. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of communication on a global scale.

Article by : Dan Moyane

Personal conduct on digital platforms speaks volumes

We now live in a world that is increasingly reliant on the use of digital channels and platforms to communicate, says Dan Moyane from AceCubePR...

article by : dan Moyane

The workplace and the culture factor

Wrapping your head around company culture can be tricky. Many refer to it as ‘organisational culture’. Simply put, company culture is the heart and soul of the company. It’s the “The way we do things around here”.

article by : NKHENSANI Moyane.

Looking and sounding good on digital channels is essential

Television news stations are increasingly depending on these platforms to carry out their live on-air interviews as a way of practicing social distancing. As a television news anchor, I have observed that many people are unaware that it is important to look and sound good on these platforms.  

article by : Dan Moyane

Will small businesses make it through Covid-19?

Small businesses tend to live on only a few months of cash flow at most, so when something like this hits, It can be devastating. So, will your small business make it?

article by : NKHENSANI Moyane.



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